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Hey, Jim Carrey: I need a “nervous break-through” too! September 24, 2008

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Tell me that you all didn’t just want to reach into the TV and scoop Jim Carrey right off Oprah’s set and into your den today? What a warm, loving, generous, and deep man!

But I was just kidding about hinting that he should come here and hold me while I have my own “nervous-break-through”. I have my husband for that. I am lucky.

Was Jim onto something when he said you have to have a “nervous break-through” in order to release the anger and guilt over giving autism to your child? Was Jenny McCarthy’s response “When you feel it, you heal it” on the mark? 

I loved what he said about how we must “take our expectation out of the equation” when dealing with children with autism. “Just be there. Try to connect.” And if it doesn’t happen right away, its okay. You just keep trying. You “go somewhere deeper.”

Can we clone this guy and send him out to educate our families and friends on how to accept/deal with/ love autistic children??!! He makes it look so easy.

And yes, I know they have the resources we don’t. There’s presumably no shortage of sitters and assistants, there’s time for yourself and couple time, there’s money for the best programs and schools, there’s vacations… Yes, many of the typical stress factors don’t apply to their situation.  But he still seemed like a white knight, right? 

So for all those women who haven’t yet been swept away by your own prince, realize that there are white knights riding around as we speak looking for a damsel…or a warrior mother… and her special child to love.

(Just watch out for those steamy piles life sends your way until you meet him!)



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