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On Oprah’s “Mother Warrior” Jenny McCarthy… September 24, 2008

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I’m not an Oprah addict, but I did like her show when I was younger and didn’t have my kids yet. Today she covered autism.  If ‘C’ didn’t take an unexpected nap, I’d have had to wrestle the remote from him in order to watch today’s show with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. So Noggin went off and Oprah went on.

I completely agree with Jenny’s comments about vaccines. I believe we need vaccines, but we need ones that are safe for all children. And I believe that some children’s immune systems are not able to handle some vaccines and that for those kids, its possible that vaccines can trigger autism.

I also believe that some kid’s immune systems can’t handle certain environmental toxins, medications like antibiotics, or even foods. I think those assaults on fragile immune systems are the autism triggers for those children. It makes sense that the triggers would be so widespread, given the growth rate of the epidemic of autism.

I love that Jenny brought diet into her crusade to educate the public. I am a firm believer in special diets helping many kids on the spectrum, as well as ADD and ADHD children. In fact, I started ‘C’ on his diet long before Jenny even “came out” to help the cause. I can’t say enough about trying a diet…especially if your child has any gastrointestinal issues. You’ll likely know within a month if your child will benefit from it.

I started my son on his diet primarily for gastro health reasons. If it helped him recover from autism as well, that was to be considered a bonus.

And what a bonus we got.

‘Recovery” is a hot topic and often controversial term.  Can you recover from autism? Or do you just appear to get better and lose many symptoms, but the disorder is still always part of you?

It took about 18 months of healing on his diet, but’C’ no longer has the gastro issues. He sleeps through the night. Has formed stools. Doesn’t walk around hunched over or lean his belly into the backs of chairs due to stomach pain.  He can sit and concentrate on his work and play. He can focus better. He is happy.

He has not recovered…yet. But I am hopeful that he will someday. He truly gets better each day. 

So I wish all you “Mother Warriors” out there all the strength you need to battle the common enemy… And if you choose to add a special diet to your arsenal of weapons, I’ll be here to help you through when the going gets tough.

And it does. But it’s worth it…



1. talkingtoair - September 25, 2008

Great blog! I do not have an autistic child, but do work with high functioning autistic kids at high school. I can’t imagine anything harder than having a special needs child. Truly the hardest job in the world, I’m sure. Stay strong, and keep blogging. It makes a huge difference.

2. hopeauthority - September 25, 2008

Thanks about the blog, but mostly thanks for working with autistic kids! It takes special people to raise special kids…in the home and at school. Your input here would be very welcome as many people frequenting this blog have children that are still in school, or haven’t even begun. Check in anytime!

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