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Palin Played the Special Needs Card October 3, 2008

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Election, politics, special needs.
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Wait for it….Wait for it…

Well, it took almost an hour and a half. And things were really winding down.  But she finally got to it.  Palin played the special needs card again. Unfortunately, it was sort of lumped into the same hand with the son in the war card, the hockey mom card, the I-can’t-pay-for-college-for-my-pregnant-teen card.

And unless I missed something…which is possible since my attention was briefly diverted for a short time by my autistic son’s bath… the special needs card got quickly shuffled into the general education deck. But then again, Biden didn’t even hold that card in his hand.

My brain knows she (and Biden) couldn’t really spend quality time tonight discussing any specific plans to help our kids. It wasn’t the forum for that and we are but a blip on the radar at best. 

But my heart really hopes she has a specific plan.  And I hope that when she’s up at night with Trig, that she’s not just pacing, but that she is practicing “walking the talk”.

Because I have no intention of letting my child get left behind.



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