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We Got the Funky Toe Blues… October 9, 2008

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“Make it feel better”, he said, as he stuck his foot in my face Tuesday night.

Now, words…any words… are normally music to my ears. But the tune was cut short when I got a look at this big, red big toe. And considering the very high tolerance for pain that ‘C’ has, I was concerned, so I probed further.

“Did you bang your toe?”


“Did you you drop something on your toe?”


“What happened?” 

“Make it feel better.”

Ok, so I’m having no luck with this conversation. It’s not his fault, but it makes me crazy when I need an important answer…one for safety or health issues…and I can’t get it. And I know he knows the real answer.

So, I soak the foot. It looked about the same in the morning, but he wasn’t complaining or limping or anything, so I sent him to school. After school, the sneaker and sock comes off and, WHOA…

There was one funky toe.

Just great.  The sun is setting and the Jewish holiday is about to begin… pretty much knocking out my chances of reaching any of our family doctors except my Italian gyno. Need I say more? But as luck would have it, the person I most needed to reach was working til 5:30, instead of his usual 8pm.

So ‘C’ and me and the SUV, flew to his office (35 minutes away) just in time for a toe check from ‘Dr. S’ (C’s chiropractor and all-around holistic autism expert healer and angel on earth). Diagnosis: infected ingrown toenail. Treatment: blood-sucking leeches.

No, not really. But they would have been a welcome alternative to the actual recommendation to soak it, poke it, restrain him and drain him. And repeat. Twice.

Sticking a sterile needle into that puss pocket attached to my little boy …and then squeezing it…was damn near impossible. And the second round of the barbaric treatment–when he knew what was coming!–was a Herculean feat by my husband and me. But it looks better today and we are hoping to avoid giving antibiotics as they wreak havoc on ‘C’s’ digestive tract and set us up for weeks of behavioral setbacks. One more “treatment” tonight and then follow up with Dr. S tomorrow.

I hope he understood me when I explained that I had to do this to make it better. Cause I love him from the tip of his cute little nose right down to…and including..that funky big toe.



1. asdmommy - October 9, 2008

Yuckity yuck yuck! Poor guy – and, quite frankly, poor you and husband! I hate doing stuff like that! But I hear you on the antibiotics – hate those even more. Hopefully it will all be back to normal soon.

2. hopeauthority - October 9, 2008

Thanks! Next round is in about 30 minutes. So if you hear a strange scream in the air…

3. adonyawong2008 - October 9, 2008

I can only visualize you and your hubby trying to tackle that task. It’s amazing the amount of strength our kids manage to conjure up whenever they know something they don’t like is on the horizon. 🙂 Unbelievable!


4. hopeauthority - October 9, 2008

You’re so right. That’s why I struggled with whether to be upfront about the FIRST needle or to poke him while he was distracted!

5. acollage - October 10, 2008

Awww, poor little guy! I hope it heals soon and you don’t have to go through this anymore.

6. hopeauthority - October 10, 2008

Well, just got back from the doctor for a toe re-check. The good news is: It looks good enough to avoid an antibiotic. The bad news: It’s not good enough to stop soaking and squeezing. (Sigh…) But at least I can retire that barbaric needle!

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