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The Quest for Last Hulk Costume October 14, 2008

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Did I say I loved Halloween? What the hell was I thinking?  

For the first time this year, “C” showed an interest in what he was going to be for Halloween! Finally!  He is 6 now and from the time I put on that infant Batman costume…long before autism reared it’s monstrous head… I looked forward to the day he’d choose his own costume. What an unexpectedly long wait its been… We’ve done Woody, Capt. Feathersword, Superman, The Hulk, and a Ninja.  All my choices. All chosen with comfort in mind. No masks. Now, he is ready to choose! 

I couldn’t contain my joy! Off we rushed to the local Party City. The walls were covered with pictures of kids costumes. What, oh what, would he choose?

Eagerly, I pointed from one to the next asking “How about a policeman? fireman? pilot?”

“No. No. No.”

“What about a doctor? clown? Old, fat 70’s Elvis?”

“No. No. No.”

Okay. This sucks. He is lining up the cans of colored hairspray and isn’t interested in anything, except…

“Can I have it?”

“Honey, that’s the infant  Hulk costume. Its too small, but you can be the big boy Hulk right over here. Ok?”


Just freakin kill me…

That was last  week when I could have gotten him that ol’ Hulk costume #206 in a medium, meant for big boys, complete with built in chest muscles and scary hard plastic mask with tiny eyeholes, that he’d never wear in 100 years. And never mind that I was crushed over his choice being a duplicate of a prior year’s costume.

Now, repeat the performance with daddy present this past Saturday and “C” asking  for the big boy’s version, like a good little cooperative kid. ARGH! They are all sold out. Every single store within 60 miles of my house was sold out. I am screwed. 

Three days and 300 phone calls later, I get a woman…a kid really…who tells me that they just got one in as a return. One. Boy’s medium Hulk. She’ll hold it for me for an hour. (Can you say bat outta hell?…)

I got it. I actually got it. It’s like the costume gods were shining on me tonight. They overcharged me, but I don’t care. It has only one little seam coming apart, but I don’t care.  It fits perfectly…though the three scratchy tags at the neckline gotta go. To my amazement, he even tried on the mask all by himself, but couldn’t open his eyes because of those cock-eyed eyeholes. No matter…I plan on doing his face green and his hair black.

And as I sit here writing, he comes up to me… naked except for the Hulk mask on his head…and says “Go trick or treating. Carly’s house. I’m a hulk”.

All is right with the world tonight…



1. acollage - October 15, 2008

omg, I so feel your pain. I blogged about a similar issue last week. It sucks when they want to be something and you can’t find it, so they’d rather not have a costume than make a different choice. I’m glad things are right with the world! 🙂

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