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My Debates. My Hofstra. My Autism Issue. October 15, 2008

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What an emotional night.

The last presidential debate just took place right here in my own backyard. At my alma mater, Hofstra University.

I couldn’t help but think back…way back…to my carefree years there. Student government. Student newspaper. Dorm life. The good old days.  Where I met my husband and our life together started out. Where we met most of the friends who remain our closest friends still today. Where I never would have thought of the word “autism”, or any other word that would hint that my life would be anything but positive and wonderful and well, plain perfect.

But tonight the word “autism” was actually uttered on Hofstra grounds and to an audience of millions. Not just a speedy reference to the vague “special needs” we’ve heard in the past. But both McCain and Obama actually slowed down for a moment to address the need for federal funding and reform for our cause. And for a moment, I actually believed that some change may come out of this election. That there is at least a possibility  for change. And it felt good to be hopeful… if only for a moment.

Many of my life’s greatest hopes and dreams were put into motion while I stood on Hofstra grounds.

Call it karma, but tonight I’ll dream that the two men who stood on those grounds and spoke of autism will actually become caretakers of our common dream for our special kids and our hopes for a brighter tomorrow.



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