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The Lacrosse Legacy Lives On October 19, 2008

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Ok, he’s not quite “Air C” on the lacrosse field (as he was on the basketball court), but he had a good time and he was pretty good at this very challenging sport.

‘C’ went to yet another great sports clinic sponsored by SEPTA. It was a 3 week lacrosse clinic for special needs kids K-12.

Although we try not to get our expectaions up for these kinds of outings, this one was different. We were  balancing our doubts about ‘C’ (or any of the kids) even being able handle a lacrosse stick vs. the looming unspoken prayer that ‘C’ would like this sport. Why this sport?

Well, hubby played lacrosse at Hofstra “back in the day”. When hubby came back to the hospital the morning after ‘C’ was born, he had a child’s lacrosse stick…and child’s cup…in hand. (Oh, and roses for me or he’d have been a dead man!)  Now that I think back, it’s funny how he came to the hospital when our daughter was born with a mitt (I played softball at Hofstra) and a Barbie…and she grew up to play softball.

So, I knew it’d mean so much to him if by some chance, ‘C’ took an interest in “his” sport…though he’d never admit it.

The weather was great each week. The little stick from the hospital was the perfect size for ‘C’. Hubby got his old gear out of the garage and showed ‘C’ some simple moves like how to hold the stick and how to shoot.  It was fun to watch my husband stand there at times, stick in hand, spinning it around so that the ball would not fall out… apparently the technique used to run with the ball. But that’s a pretty advanced skill.

To be honest, I’d have to say ‘C’ was half-interested in the drills and half-interested in trying to drive off in the golf cart that hauled all the gear onto the field! But, hey, the half interest was a start. And who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth?

So, I got some great pictures of daddy and his boy with their sticks.  

And right before it was time to pack up… like a gene somewhere deep inside fired up automatically… ‘C’ looked up at his dad and grinned. Then he twirled his stick– with the ball staying in it.

The legacy lives on…



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