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Garage Sale Fodder October 20, 2008

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It had been over ten years since my last garage sale. It was before either of the kids came along. Most of the stuff being sold was bargain chain “newlywed furniture” and a bunch of crappy bridal shower gifts that were gathering dust for 10 years. You know the stuff… five crystal serving trays (each weighing in at 7 pounds before food ), a sterling silver chafing dish, the sandwich maker/waffle machine…

There was a reason I waited so long. I love to go to garage sales, but I hate to host them. I’ve never gotten over the panic I felt the last time around when I first realized what “early birds” were. I had taken out an ad and moments before the stated start time I hit the button on the garage door opener. Before the door was even 8 inches off the ground, a pair of hands reached under the door and grabbed onto these hideous antique lamps my inlaws had brought over to try to unload. There was a mob out there ready to descend upon us. I couldn’t even get the stuff out the driveway until the first lull came a few hours later.  It was like a horror movie to me. And I still twitch when I remember it.

So this time around I decided no ads, just signs. Not only to avoid the creepy hands, but because…with autism…you never know if you ‘re gonna have to cancel it. But it went off as planned for Friday and Saturday and I sat with my inlaws in the cold, autumn air for two days. I trashed my house, lost two nights of sleep and two days of time preparing for this sale. I made $200.

Some of the big items I wanted to get rid of while ‘C’ was in school on Friday, my husband vetoed. Including the freakin Wiggles Big Red Car which I’ve been tripping over for years now. Dreaming of watching that thing pull away from my house is what kept me going through all the hours of planning. He held back the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine… which is a shredded finger waiting to happen. And some other things.

‘C’ thought Christmas came early. There was not a toy made that we didn’t own. I must have had two hundred toys out there… it was kind of embarrassing to see them all.  Some of the toys had been packed away in the garage for years, so they were new again to ‘C’. And he began to play…

And he began to bring them back into the house. One at a time. Like a sneak.

And let’s not forget how he tried to pull the Barbie jeep (even a pink vehicle isn’t safe!) out of our neighbor’s arms. She knew our situation, so it was not a big deal, but I felt so bad for him since he didn’t understand the concept. We distracted him and I sent the neighbor home with the toy in a bag…lest ‘C’ notice and hunt her down for its return! 

So between all the toys that didn’t get sold and all the toys that made their way back into the house (and all the people who chiseled me down on my already low prices), and the hundred other things that sucked, this sale was a bomb.

But I do laugh when I think of ‘C’ sneakily retreiving his old favorites… like the Toy Story scene where Woody tries to save Wheezy from the Yard Sale.

Good thing I love that little man to infinity and beyond…



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