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Approaching Autism Holistically…The Use of Elm October 21, 2008

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Ok.  A little disclaimer before I get going since I am not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV.

Nothing in this post should be taken as medical advice or should be attempted without first discussing it with your own doctor and only then, with his or her recommendation and supervision. GOT IT?

Like any parent, I am trying to make the best decisions for my son’s recovery. For me…over the last few years… that involves a holistic approach to not only autism, but to ‘C’s wellness in general. And we are so happy with the results so far.

Because he is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (See “Autism Diet Help” Page), he takes several vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure his nutritional needs are met. There are enzymes on occasion to help him digest certain foods. Fish oil. The versatile Natural Cellular Defense drops to boost immunity and pretty much cure anything short of cancer.

Over time, this regimen has brought him from a sickly, red-cheeked, dark-eye-circled toddler hunched over from chronic gastrointestinal pain, and suffering from night terrors…to the happy, healthy-looking little boy who walks upright now, can sit and attend without distractions from stomach pain, and who sleeps through the night. In short, it’s given him his life back.

So, physically, he is doing much better.

But he happens to be an anxious kid. It’s the biggest obstacle to his mainstreaming. It goes against everything I am trying to do, to consider giving him a prescription medication to alter his behavior. I am just not the Ritalin type. I will stop short of saying “Never” to medication, but I just can’t see that happening for my son.

And I don’t judge those who do medicate, so please don’t judge me for my choices. As long as parents’ actions and decisions reflect what they truly believe to be the best thing for their child…and not the best thing for themselves… who am I to judge? We get enough negative shit from the general public already, so we should just support each other.

So, I wanted to share a holistic remedy/aid for “naturally occurring nervous tension” that ‘C’s chiropractor/naturopath suggested we give to ‘C’ to help with his anxiety…its a flower essence of ELM.  We started him on this just over a week ago and the results have been amazing! 

I know what you’re thinking. By nature I’m very skeptical about all this holistic stuff, too… it always sounds kind of hokey to me.. but time and again, I have been proven wrong. And it seems this is another time.

‘C’ wasn’t behaving as well as he usually does a few weeks ago. It was also around the time of the funky toe infection. So once I discovered the toe, I wondered if that was the cause of his sudden tantruming and difficult transitioning in school. Or is he just anxious with the new teacher? Or is it just another freakin unexplainable part of autism and it has no trigger?  So the elm was worth a try.

He is a different kid. There really is a calmness about him. He seems able to stop himself from melting down when faced with the exact same circumstances that would always cause a melt-down. Things like when the friggin balloons he displays all over the kitchen either blow away or get moved so we can, um, EAT … Now, instead of the world falling apart, he just gets this exasperated look and goes and fixes them again.

And he can actually be pried away from the computer now so the rest of use don’t have to listen to the reggae background music of the Freddie Fish game for hours on end. Wow. Taking turns. What a concept.

So, things are much better in school. Things are strangely calm at home.

There’s just one thing that still sets him off: When his dad changes the channel from Noggin to the game. Even putting the game on picture-in-picture is not acceptable ( “I want little TV-OFF!” ). ‘C’ even moves the remote away from hubby’s reach…which cracks me up. (I’ve been trying to wrestle that thing away for 20 years!)

So my dejected hubby wanders off to the kitchen to watch the game on the little TV.

Either that, or he’s upping ‘C’s dose of ELM…



1. corematters - October 22, 2008

I couldn’t agree more about doing what you think is best. Perhaps, at the end of the day, we make decisions because we are each subconsciously tuned in to our own biochemistry–why should we expect pharmaceutical companies to know more? We are such complex creatures, it makes perfect sense to me to try and find the thing that works for us–and for our children.

I’m thrilled to hear of your success with the remedy for “C”–and how lucky you are to have an open-minded healthcare provider.

How can we find one?

2. hopeauthority - October 23, 2008

I think it may be a matter of MD vs. chiropractor. One is primarily grounded in pharmaceuticals, the other is almost anti-pharmaceutical. At least, from my experiences with both.

I used to think chiropractors were all about adjusting your back and neck–like an alternative approach to orthopaedics. And I was creeped out about the vision of snapping necks, etc. so I had a bit of a negative impression.

That’s til I met the man who is helping me recover my son from autism. The things I witnessed him do with his hands… and without drugs… to heal my son is miraculous. He’s a gentle healer. He helps the body heal itself.

I hate generalizations, but if I had to make one I’d say the chiropractors are far more open-minded than most MDs. That’s where I’d start looking.

3. corematters - October 24, 2008

thanks. but I was really hoping you had a list of such providers….

4. hopeauthority - October 24, 2008

Funny you should ask…

I’m working on it. Check back often!

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