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Welcome Back, Mommy October 26, 2008

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Amazing what you can gain…and lose out on…in only 39 hours.

The gains from my business trip are too numerous to even count at this point. Time wil reveal the true level of the benefits received from this wonderful seminar and the many contacts I made there.

The things I missed…the losses…are a little easier to tally.

First, I feel the need to say that I didn’t  miss the leak in the den roof. That’s because I had my very own leaky roof at the hotel. Now, it wasn’t like it was pouring on me. In fact, had I not been sitting at the foot of the bed trying to figure out why the freakin TV wasn’t working, I may not have noticed the leak. But it hit me in the head and got my attention.  And this is from a major national hotel chain! So much for the sleep I thought I’d get…

But I did miss my daughter’s first sleepover party out of our house…though I called her from the hotel to check up and she was lovin it. ( And, yes I did cave in on my “no-sleep-over rule.)

And I missed ‘C’s first special needs baseball clinic, which unbeknownst to me, resulted in the awarding of his first medal and first trophy, plus an assortment of other very generous gifts like a baseball glove, bat, tee-shirt, logo turtleneck, hat, and several other items. He was pretty good, especially for me being away.

So, for two days, I did something rare: I did something for me. And, to my admitted surprise, the family survived just fine without me. All the guilt was for naught.

I walked in tonight to a Norman Rockwell scene, of sorts:  Daughter rushing to the front door excitedly reciting each detail of the awesome sleepover and following me upstairs to where hubby is kneeling beside the tub where ‘C’ is enjoying his bath. I stand for a moment waiting for ‘C’ to realize I am home and to excitedly shout “Mommy!”. He looks up…


What the frig…?!  Guess I should be happy. (And I really am.)

My little boy is “typical” after all…



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