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Halloween Class Party: To Go or Not? October 29, 2008

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Phew. It’s taken a few days to get back up to speed with my regular life…whatever that means. And I was only gone for 36 hours or so. Imagine taking a real vacation!

Enter the next dilemma in the life of the autistic boy who could not eat anything. (Translation: My son’s awfully restrictive diet… though amazing and necessary… sucks each day.) It is particularly hard on class party days.

Like Friday’s Halloween party in school.

There will be all the typical junk which are staples of the standard American diet…chips, cake, sugary and dye-filled punches, neon orange cheetos, and of course, tons of candy. The plan is to load them up on this crap right before the buses come and send them home before the transformations take effect. No parents or costumes allowed.

I am so torn over this. All of my choices are losers. I can take him home early from school so he misses it. I can let him stay in school, but arrange for him to miss the party and go to speech. Or I can let him go to it.

For choice #3 I can only hope that all the special home-made substitute “treats” I’ll spend several hours providing for him…which, sadly, don’t glow… will somehow miraculously divert his attention from all the wonderful excesses his peers are wolfing down. Oh, and of course I have to trust that the teacher will literally sit on ‘C’ during the whole thing to prevent him from stealing a forbidden treat that’s been abandoned by a peer…or worse…dropped on the floor. (He’s been known to spot an M&M in a dust bunny corner at 40 yards!) He may be ok. He may have a meltdown. Its anyone’s guess. If he gets something forbidden, the whole trick-or-treat experience will be ruined for the afternoon and evening. Not fair to him or his sister.  But it kills me to have him excluded.

What to do?  What to do?



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