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With Autism, Every Day is “Day of the Dead” November 2, 2008

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Dead tired. Dead broke. Dead battery…

Today is the Day of the Dead. A day celebrated in different ways by different cultures. I have my own strange way of honoring the day which will no doubt creep many of you out…

I have a meal (usually lunch since its cold here in November) in the cemetery at my mother’s grave. Nothing fancy or drawn out. Just something quick that I eat while freezing my ass off on a blanket. I talk, she listens. I write down on a teeny piece of paper my hopes/prayers for the coming year that I’d appreciate her intervention with on my behalf. She’s been up there for almost 15 years now. Surely, she’s made some good contacts, right? Then I bury the little paper right there by her stone. And I hope. And hope.

For the past few years, any of you could guess what I’ve wished for. It starts with a “RE”, ends with a “Y”, and has a “COVER” in between. Each year, ‘C’ gets a bit better, but, honestly,  I am getting impatient. It’s friggin cold up on that hill overlooking the water…

Truth is that I really miss my parents. Neither of them lived long enough to become grandparents. It would kill them to see how hard life with autism can be most days…especially since they gave me a pretty great and charmed life (except for that awful Ford Galaxie from the government auction…with the bullet holes…which was my Sweet 16 gift–but that’s another story). Of course, if I had them in my life, it would certainly be easier.

So, today I honor them by sharing a meal and revealing my greatest wish. The other 364 days, I try to honor them by being a good example of a parent, under often trying circumstances. And I hope that wherever they are, they are proud.



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