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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor…On Call November 9, 2008

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There’s something really wrong with the world when a little boy can be harmed by an apple.

Yes, an apple.

Brief history here: Some people…including my son…are sensitive to can’t tolerate foods that are naturally high in salicylates/phenols. Apples are one of those foods. For most people they’re a food that’s as natural, healthy and as “American wholesome” as it gets. One a day is supposed to keep the doctor away, right?  Well, not exactly…for my son, anyway.

Apples are “legal” on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet he follows, but they have given ‘C’ some grief in the past, so we’ve avoided them for about a year. In a weak moment, and with a special enzyme to help avoid the problems, I gave ‘C’ an apple. What I didn’t realize I needed to do was watch him like a hawk while he ate it. After all, he’s 6 and he’s eaten them before…

In the two seconds that I turned my back to open the front door to an arriving friend… (Isn’t that always the way these tales begin? )… ‘C’ runs over to greet the friend. Does he say “Hi”? No. He was too excited. Instead, ‘C’ held out his hand to show the man his special treat…his treasure. 

His apple… or should I say, the nub that was left of it.  SON OF A B#TCH!!!!!!

There in his hand was the bottom inch of the core. Did he eat the top half? The friggin stem? The little brown pits…which have arsenic in them??!! Panic struck. I tried to get his to throw it all up…until he almost bit off my finger in self-defense.

Quick, call the chiropractor (who treats him for everything). God Bless this man. He is always so calm and reassuring and never makes you feel like the bad mother you feel like you are.

So ‘C’ got his apple…with an activated charcoal “chaser”. Of all the supplements, vitamins and such stuff I’ve had to force into ‘C’, this charcoal was by far the most vile. But the doctor said it’ll absorb everything…not to worry.  And ‘C’ appears no worse for the wear. Thank God.  But me?  Well…

I am glad I listened to that “voice” that said to buy the activated charcoal. Its been knocking around in the very back of the kitchen cabinet where all the vitamins and supplements are stored for several months now.  I  highly recommend every household get some for emergency use. You never know when it’ll save a life…or at least a trip to the doctor or ER.

Hmmm. There’s something very fitting about the thought of Santa stuffing some activated charCOAL in my little devil’s angel’s stocking for being on the shit nice list this year again…



1. nikkimommy - November 9, 2008

I bet he would have been fine. I doubt there is arsenic in apples. I have seen a few kids eat the entire apple seeds and all and they were fine.

2. nikkimommy - November 9, 2008

no arsenic in apples….check it.

You did that for nothing.
Chiropractors are the worst.

3. hopeauthority - November 12, 2008

Well, I got the poison wrong: I did check it and apple seeds actually contain CYANIDE, not arsenic. The popular misconception over arsenic in apple seeds apparently comes the use of arsenic (at some times in some places) in pesticides used to spray apple trees!

BUT THEY DO HAVE CYANIDE. Granted, a person would probably have to eat about a bushels’ worth of apple seeds to die from the poison, and its possible that the seeds’ coating is tough enough to pass through the body intact… BUT when it comes to my children, I’d just as soon err on the side of caution…and follow the advice of a doctor…and take action to absorb any possible toxins.

I am especially concerned about the vulnerable state of my son’s immune system, which is something I think many parents of autistic kids are (or should be) concerned about. There are many foods and environmental toxins that I can tolerate, that he can not. So a small amount of charcoal, swallowed quickly with juice, is a small price to pay for peace of mind over his swallowing seeds that contain even a trace amount of poison.

As far as your sweeping negative generalization about chiropractors, I personally would never make such a comment about any group.

The doctor in question is a DAN doctor, whose practice is nearly entirely devoted to helping people with autism through holistic measures. I quickly overcame my own initial skepticism about his ability to heal by repeatedly witnessing his work with my family. None of us have needed to see our traditional doctors for well over a year. My children are thriving under his care.

This blog is a forum for open-minded people who want to share their experiences in the hope of helping others who are raising autistic children.

By all means, if your autistic child had a negative experience with a chiropractor, and you’d like to share the details here, feel free to do so. Otherwise, please refrain from such generalizations as they add nothing and help no one.

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