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Autism Goes to Woodstock November 18, 2008

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, humor, Parenting, special needs.
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Hey, man. Wanna pile up in my old lady’s van and head on up to Yasgur’s Farm? There’s a groovy concert goin’ down, dudes…

If there’s a crowd control officer in the audience, please make your way to my den immediately! There is an out of control concert that keeps growing in size with each passing day.

You see, ‘C’, has taken the “lining up the toys” quirk to a new level. He has brought…not just any ol’ concert to my den… but the reincarnation of Woodstock itself. It’s kinda scary.

‘C’ has set up every conceivable toy person/animal/game piece/figurine on the den floor, pretending they are at a concert. To date, there are over 200. Yes, I said 200. Plus.

We’ve got all the animals from the A-Z zoo (including the “S”eal whose face was chewed off), the entire population of Little People, Barbies and Bratz of all sizes and their GI Joe dates, people from Sweet Street and Sesame Street, mini soldiers and community helpers, imaginext men, Rugrats and Pooh folks, Potato Head and friends, beany babies, Polly Pockets, Disney princesses and princes, villians and dwarves, every car from CARS, some Thomas trains, the big Nutty Elephant and his peanuts…who won’t sit near him…and most of my kiddie nativity set (including baby Jesus…who in a crowd this size looks suspiciously like Trig Palin)!

I say “most” of the nativity set because one of the three kings/wisemen is apparently the star of this show.

The scene looks like Woodstock. All the different people from all over the place, peacefully assembled for a concert. They are looking up at the Little People Farm barn sitting high up on a folding chair above them. “Mr. King” (as ‘C’ calls him) is standing in the open barn door space, ready to start the show at any moment. Of course, my jokes about whether his name is “Don” fell on deaf ears. And my attempts to move Mr. King back into the barn and away from the doorway… as if he had stage fright… just pissed ‘C’ off. (No wonder he won’t play with me!) But I got a laugh anyway. Bad mommy.

However did they all get here, you ask? Why just look at the freakin convoy of 27 vehicles lined up like something out of Field of Dreams.

We’ve got Mack from CARS, a couple of Hess trucks and fire engines, the Speed Racer gang, a Barbie Camper, a few school buses, some construction trucks, several remote control cars, and a garbage truck, to name a few. There’s even a Polly Pocket limo and the Little People Airplane on hand for the VIPs. (Thank God the Hot Wheels convention is apparently out of town for now or there’d be no room left to walk…)

It amazing what a quiet and calm group has assembled here. The top heavy Cat-in-the-Hat keychain…with his constant tendency to topple over (and therefore piss ‘C’ off) …is the only troublemaker. I may have to send the Weeble fuzz cop after him…

If anyone has a suggestion on how to dismantle this event… without it causing ‘C’ and his OCD tendencies to runaway with a hippie band of acid-taking freaks…please let me know.

What? You’d like this concert to visit your hometown?

Far out, man.



1. HeatherPride - November 19, 2008

Oh, wow! Maybe he’s trying to tell you he’d like to go to a concert? That is some kind of patience and determination, to line up over 200 little figures!

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