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Queen of Unclean Contest Added to the Nov. 20 post! Go Enter! November 22, 2008

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Over 40 people read the Money Pit post before I thought of adding a contest to get you all to “come out of your messy closets” and open up about the state of your house!

I know my own pathetic story is hard to beat. But give it a try. Trust me, it’ll bring us closer.

Deadline is Thankgsiving Day. Prize will be something cool related to Thanksgiving, so the winner will have something to remind her each year at this time that she was the Queen of Unclean.

And if you are a home services provider/therapist and are working in a home that should be entered, feel free to enter the contest BUT DON’T NAME ANY NAMES! (And Erin, if you’re out there thinking about entering my pit, go for it. I left out plenty of things from my story…to throw off the health inspector… so as long as you don’t mention the Southwestern themed bedroom, no one would notice…but me. And I’ll get even…)

The juvenile in me is screaming “I double dare ya!”



1. tiredmama - November 24, 2008

OK. Ok. I will have to admit that we don’t have the cleanest house. We moved about a month ago. Half of our stuff is still in boxes in the garage (and our bedroom) because it was thrown in haphazardly when we moved. We had (and are starting to get again) piles of paper (& misc.) all over the counters and table again. Although I’m trying to keep on top of that! I would love to have people over to visit, but am embarrassed by the pile of dishes in the sink (and on the stove), the half-eaten food on the table, the crumbs on the floor from a week (or two) ago, the toilets have a ring in them, and if you come over while both the kids are awake you need to watch your step over the letter blocks and little people who are having various parties all over the main part of the house. Our living room floor is covered with blankets, pillows, a crib mattress, and a exercise ball for therapy-sake. (At least I feel better telling myself that it’s there to serve a purpose.) But you know, we are wearing clean clothes and the kids get fed and get “swims” (baths) and I roughly know where everything is, so I try not to sweat it too much. Someday I hope to be better, but it won’t be today! 😉
Maybe I’ll get to the dishes today…

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