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Autism and the Best Birthday Party Ever November 24, 2008

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I don’t know whether I am excited because my bloggy friends are coming out of their messy closets and boldly entering my very cool Queen of Unclean Contest (Enter on the Nov 20 or 22 posts. Deadline is Thanksgiving Day. Prize is a beautiful Thanksgiving plate, to be shipped to the winner.) or if I’m happy because we went to a very nice birthday party yesterday.

No matter. I’ll just be glad I’m happy for the moment.

This party was the first of its kind for us.

It was all autism and special needs kids, instead of the typical mixture of NT and autistic.  It was small in size (only 5 first grader boys) who all knew each other from school. It was held in a private house… not a Chuck E. Cheese fiasco. It looked more like a playdate than a birthday party.

By some stroke of divine intervention, each boy was interested in different toys and each happily scurried off to his own area to play with his treasures. The party host boys… twin brothers… were so gracious in sharing their toys with the group.  (‘C’ quickly commandeered the Diego Rescue Center, every little figure he could find from any play set, a garbage truck, a big Mater, and a Speed Racer. He was in heaven.) We had boys playing with a cash register, a Wii, Geo Tracks…you name it. Sure, it would have been nice if the boys played together, but that will come. And there was not a single scene. 

I brought ‘C’s food and cake, like always, but it was easy and convenient to reheat it in the comfort of the home of a friend who understands… instead of asking some pink-haired teen with an attitude to nuke it for me in the dirty kitchen of a party place.

The moms all knew each other and each kid. An understanding, helpful sister helped out with supervision. There were no forbidden snacks to tempt ‘C’ and his goody bag had no candy, just toys. Again, that’s because the moms know and care about my son.  (If only family were that caring…but that’s another post!) The way the house was configured, the boys were contained to one big room.

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks, Barbara and Beth!

Now if someone will just remind me of this post in March when I’m out talking to some pink-haired teen about booking ‘C’s party…



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