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HBOT Tenth “Dive”: Update November 25, 2008

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Reminder: Queen of Unclean Contest entry deadline is approaching fast. Go to Nov 20 Money Pit post, or the Nov 22 contest post to enter!

So, after completing the 10th hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) “dive” tonight, I thought I’d pass along an update and highlight some of the memorable moments.

The most striking thing about the experience for me, is that ‘C’ didn’t fight me about getting into the chamber or  over staying in the thing for an hour and twenty minutes a pop. That’s an awful long time for even the best kid. Or the best mom. And the adventure is sandwiched between two one-hour long car rides to and from the center in rush hour traffic.

You get rolled into this 34 inch in diameter glass coffin tube in a motion that is reminiscent of entering a morgue drawer. With no room to move , you lay there like a dead Snow White trooper as the temperature and pressure rises. We really only had the one episode of ear bleeding-type of pain. Then it was just a minor annoyance to the ears. There’s lots of “NO….” rules to make you nervous too. And you can’t bring anything to read or play with in the chamber.

We’ve had dives where we spilled our little frowned upon water cup inside the chamber. Shit, is it going to electrocute us?

On dive #3, the static guard ankle strap that “grounded” me, detached suddenly. Shit, is it going to electrocute us?

On dive #9, ‘C’ had gas. Please, just electrocute us!

Ten dives in 20 days. Thirteen hours and 20 minutes. And through it all, we only watched two DVDs, chosen…of course…by Little Trooper. Both were friggin Dora shows. First, it was Dance to the Rescue. Then, World Adventure. (Can anyone explain to me what the creators were thinking when they made the moronic Swiper, who…despite the fact that he freakin steals people’s stuff … gets rescued in the first tape, and gets a friendship bracelet in the second? WTF?)

Like many biomedical and holistic approaches we’ve tried for ‘C’ over the years, this may be another “one step forward, two steps back” kind. At this point anyway. I am told its too early to really see big gains. Yet, I do see pretty big gains in language and in eye contact/maintaining attention. Noticeably big…like extending the length of his average utterance from 2-3 words to more like 7. Like, going from “Open window” to “Can you open the window please, Mom?” And let’s not forget the first “I love you, Mom”. That’s awesome stuff.

But there is a downside… at the moment anyway. ‘C’ seems to have a yeast flare-up going on. Lots of bad memories from before we eradicated the yeast over 2 years ago. Not sleeping as well, more OCD-ish and stimmy, aggressive, some peeing accidents. Lots of the crap we’d long ago done away with. So I’m bummed about that. We need to address it fast. And we are taking 2 weeks off from HBOT to do so.

I am sooo  not good with regressions. They put me into a black funk. When ‘C’ is “off”, I am depressed. When he is doing well, I am much better able to function. I always second guess myself about these therapies. This one seemed like it couldn’t hurt him at all. But it has, if only in a minor and temporary way. But that’s enough to kill me and bring out the “I’m a bad mother” thoughts. I’m too fast to write off the amazing fact that he can almost have a conversation with me now…and too quick to focus on the negative.

I have faith that somewhere along this journey of 40 miserably long, Dora-filled dives we are going to see a major, positive breakthrough to justify the countless hours we’ve devoted to this therapy and the several thousand dollar price tag of it.

Because if I wanted yeast in his gut, I could have just given him a freakin donut.



1. HeatherPride - November 25, 2008

Wow, that is some serious therapy you’ve got going on there! I’m really impressed that he’s able to stay in there the full time with only Dora to entertain him. My kid would be clawing my eyeballs out. I hope it works out for you!

2. hopeauthority - November 25, 2008

I’m sure its just a matter of time before Dora gets old and he goes for my eyes. Thank God for the 2 week break.

Now I need to give him some activated charcoal each night to combat the yeast problem. Oh, yum. Bet that goes over real well.
He better be able to recite the freakin encyclopedia when we we’re through with this treatment. Of course, I’ll be sellin gthem door-to-door to pay for it….

Oh, I was talkin about yo mama on my Nov 20 post. Don’t know if you saw my devious plan….

3. rhemashope - November 25, 2008

You had me laughing with that last line! Sorry to hear about the yeast issues (and related behaviors), but that’s awesome about the language gains! I’ve been considering HBOT for my daughter for a while and it’s great to read about your experiences so far. As for Dora, my fav line in Dance to the Rescue is when Swiper says “You look pretty, Dora!” Maybe they’ll get married one day. =)

4. hopeauthority - November 26, 2008

The funniest thing about Dance to the Rescue is the parallel between Swiper being trapped in the glass bottle the whole time… and us being trapped in the glass tube! And ‘C’ really “gets” that because as soon as the door latch opens and we get pulled out, he happily shouts: “I’m free! I’m free!”…just like Swiper!

My fav part is the Stormy Storm cuz I sing the song and ‘C’ puts his hand over my mouth! The most annoying part is the idiot king who wants his MOMMY to dance and the mommy who wants to “Boogy, boogy, boogy…” UGH!

Well, I’ll enjoy my 2 weeks off before we go back to HBOT…

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