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Over the River and Through the Woods… November 26, 2008

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Well, we are going over the river and we are going throught the woods, but it ain’t grandmother’s house we’re going to. It’s our very good friends’ house.  So, YIPPEE, we are going away for the holiday. And we are bold enough to try to stay overnight.

These friends “get it”. Or at least come as close as you can to “getting it” without parenting an autistic kid. ‘C’ is comfortable in their home for one day trips and is only mildly annnoying with a particular door opening stim. It will be only our family of 4 and their family of 6. Our daughter is beyond excited about the prospect of the sleepover as they have triplets her age and they get along great.

Truth be told, hubby and I are looking forward to this too. These are our oldest friends of more than 25 years.  Relaxing with them…and an abundance of alcohol and good food…is just what we could use. For some reason, ahem, we never go out. And when we do the designated driver doesn’t really get to unwind. So this will be fun up in the mountains.

‘C’, and more specifically, what ‘C’ will do there, is always a concern. Its that part of autism that is very annoying…the stress during an outing over the outcome of the outing. Its a no win situation. If the outing was great, you didn’t really enjoy it because you were worried the whole time that it wouldn’t be great. And if the outing was a disaster, well, that just sucks all around. 

So I will pack up all of ‘C’s food and toys and tapes. I will bake and bring the 4 pies. And wine. The biggest mother of a bottle of good stuff I could find. I envision myself on the couch late in the evening after ‘C’ has drifted off to sleep…a wine glass in one hand and a baby monitor in the other.

Sometimes, life really is good. Let’s hope I’m not just dreaming…




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