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All Hail the Queen November 28, 2008

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Family, humor, special needs.
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It is with great pleasure that I bestow the honor of “Queen of Unclean” upon my bloggy world friend “TiredMama”. (See Contest posts 11/20 and 11/22 looking for special needs mom brave enough to admit…in detail…that she let the house go due to the time demands of raising a special needs child.)

She had me at Hello , um Toilet rings. Or maybe it was the crumbs on the floor. I knew in an instant that she was my long lost sister or something! 

My sty house is way worse than hers. I frankly don’t think anyone whose house is as bad or worse than mine would have the nerve to tell it all. I mentioned the contest to my diner friends…whose conversation actually inspired this contest. They wanted to enter too. They said they would. Maybe they, ahem, couldn’t find the computer?  

If you snooze, you lose. And we all know that our winner, TiredMama, does NOT snooze! (Her very identity is a testament to that!) We also know that she sweeps as often as she sleeps!

I’d also like to thank the other slobs, um, busy and devoted moms who entered. You’ll have to slack off just a bit more if you want a chance to win next year. I think that HeatherPride has a good chance next year…especially since I kidnapped her indentured servant mom on Thanksgiving and dragged her back to my house in a laundry bag. She is settling in nicely and I swear I’ve never seen my hubby’s underwear so white!

So, TiredMama, email me your mailing address so I can ship you off your beautiful prize. No, it’s not a college scholarship, bond, or a sports car like some contestant winners receive. Oh, no, no. It’s way better.

It’s a Thanksgiving plate. And more importantly… it’s clean! 



1. tiredmama - November 28, 2008

Not sure how I feel about winning this contest, especially since I failed to mention some of my worst offenses (and gratitude to the respite workers who overlook them), but I will accept the prize and aim to keep at least that plate clean! 😉

2. hopeauthority - November 29, 2008

Thanks for being such a good sport! And the plate will make you smile when you see it. I promise.

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