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Black Friday Walmart Death…Too Close for Comfort November 29, 2008

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Children, special needs.
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As I was enjoying the second day of our overnight family holiday outing at our friends’ home, we heard the terrible news about the Walmart worker who was killed by a stampede of shoppers. “Where the heck do animals like that live? “, I thought to myself. Then I realized, they were from the county next to mine!

Since I normally host Thanksgiving, I am too tired to do the Black Friday crack of dawn thing. I only did it once…the year of my firstborn’s first Christmas.  It was exciting and I got lots of bargains, but like I said, I just get too pooped from doing Thanksgiving. Plus I often have out-of-town relatives crashing at my house. And even though hubby is pretty capable, he is a deep sleeper, and I worry about leaving him alone with the kids in the middle of the night for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Especially because of ‘C’… whose autism makes each night cause for concern.

Each year I wish I could do it though. Each year I envy the shoppers who gather with their coffee and donuts and wait for hours til the stores open and they can not only knock off their wish list, but do it for so much less money. I envy them because I envison them having carefree lives that enable them to sneak out without worry and meet their friends for this adventure. And, I guess, I pity myself…which is totally unattractive, I know…

But after what they just did to that poor boy at Walmart, I envy them no more.  Someone lost a son so they could score a bargain plasma TV. How sick is that? 

And I am hugging my own boy even closer tonight…thankful that still have him and that he still has me.



1. Scotland Mortgage - December 2, 2008

It was a Walmart worker who died?? I thought it was one of the shoppers. That was tragic of a date to have an accident. Sad.

2. Amee - December 2, 2008

I make a point of not shopping at Walmart. The way those people acted, excuse me how do you not know your are trampling a human being? it makes me sick, and they( the masses of assses) should all be charged with manslaughter. Hopefully they have cameras and can identify these—–, and a few can be identified. They must really be celebrating their holiday spirit.

3. hopeauthority - December 2, 2008

Yes it was a worker who died… a young man. Of course, like often happens after the tragedy, local lawmakers from Long Island and NYC are discussing proposing a “Doorbuster Bill”…laws designed to prevent future deaths by human stampede.
I try to be open-minded. I am sure the people who trampled him knew they were stepping on someone. I only hope…since only the people who were there really know the truth…that they had no safe way to avoid him after he fell, lest they too be trampled. I can’t imagine they purposely ran him down.
My understanding from local media coverage was that the pressure of a crowd of people 2,000 deep was so great upon the people up in the front near the door, that those in front were being frighteningly squashed against the closed doors..and the doors then broke. I imagine that trying to hold back the masses of asses may have been futile and that the people in the front were running in as much to get away from a scary situation as to get their plasma TVs. At least I hope so.
But it is despicable that the situation was allowed to occur.
And the authorities ARE looking at the survellience tapes.
I’ll let you know if anything develops.

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