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Doctor Visit vs. Martial Arts…how to choose? December 7, 2008

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Oh, what an annoying morning I had yesterday.

‘C’ had been “off” lately due to a yeast overgrowth in his gut (a common side effect, I’m told, from the HBOT therapy he’d been on), so he’s been taking charcoal at night (Yes its gross…) and after a week or so of doing that …like a magic switch… he went back to a better version of his regular self last Tuesday.  I say “better version” because the bad behaviors from the yeast condition left… and the gains we saw from the HBOT in language and attention stayed.

Anyway, we postponed the HBOT for 2 weeks to resolve the yeast. We went to the DAN/chiropractor Saturday morning for a follow-up to get the blessing to resume HBOT this Monday. Its a 40 minute drive west. We called from the parking lot to have them sign us in and continued to wait about 15 minutes in the car watching a DVD, to cut down on the time we’d have to deal with in the waiting room…where ‘C’ is never good.

Then we go in.  We waited for almost an hour once we got there because the place was packed. Amazingly, ‘C’ was pretty good in the waiting room, playing with the few toys there in his crisp, white karate outfit. When I say we waited, I mean we waited to get assigned to one of the 8 exam rooms…where we’d wait again. I inquired and was told we’d be next to get a room. Five minutes later, the next room was assigned…to someone else. 

At about 11:00, the fear I’d been pushing to the back of my mind emerged and I freaked out.  I suddenly realized that I was going to have to choose between seeing the doctor and ‘C’s martial arts class.

I know moms of typical kids (and some special needs moms too, I guess) would think I was crazy, but it was a no-brainer to me. ‘C’ had been asking for “Sensei Jessie’s class” for days since it was cancelled for the holiday last weekend and here he was in his outfit and ready to go. 

So, I gathered ‘C’ up and, I’m embarrassed to say I was not 100% polite about it, told the girl at the desk I could not keep waiting and we were leaving. I really do love this doctor and this is the first time I had to do this.

The problem was that I suspected I had delayed too long.  Now the challenge was whether I could get to the karate class on time. It was 11:00. The lesson starts at 11:30. The place is 15 minutes East of my house. I am at the doctor who is 40 minutes West of my house. See the problem?

So, I’m fuming now because I am imagining ‘C’ missing both appointments!

I learned something that morning:  When you  take the back roads out of the picture and make a bee-line for the expressway (empty at this time of day), and when you’re lucky enough that the sherriffs are all apparently busy ticketing the other moms speeding their kids somewhere, you can make it from Point A to Point B  in half  the time.

Being late wasn’t an option. The scene that would have ensued if ‘C’ had missed the opening song would have set him off til Christmas. You see, its a part martial arts, part dance and fun gross motor skills type of class. It starts and ends with 2 fun songs they dance and sing to. In fact, I think I would have moped til Christmas if he missed it since he does it so cute!

The opening song is a sequencing song all about getting up and moving your parts “…wiggle my hips, movin my back, shakin my hands…doesn’t it feel good?…”.  The closing song is the cutest thing. Its a slow, calming song where they sit and make hand movements and sing: “See you later. In a while. I look forward. To your smile. See you later. I know that it won’t be long. That’s why I sing the see-you-later song. SO LONG!

So, I chose martial arts over the chirpractor. Was there really any other choice?

See you later…



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