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Mom Overboard! December 28, 2008

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The sea was angry last night, me hardies. Argh.

The down side to all these holiday miracles we’ve been enjoying with ‘C’ over the past few weeks, is the inevitable resurfacing of the familiar side of autism. And when you let your guard down, it’s harder to handle it.

That innocent-looking “Pirates in the Tub” toy that made its debut in ‘C’s bath last night was really a nightmare waiting to happen. It consists of  3-three dimensional pieces (2 pirates and a cannon), plus a ton of 2-dimensional foam pieces that either stick to the wall when wet, or piece together to make floating boats or islands. 

First, he didn’t want the 2 pirates to be removed from their places at his ever-growing “concert” of little figures. Fine. Let’s just play with the other stuff. After all, there’s 6 other 2-D pirates.

When I tossed those into the overly full tub, ‘C’ practically dove in after them … as if they were drowning and he was the lifeguard. In a nanosecond, all 6 were safely cradled against his chest.  Out flew the floating palm tree island with treasure chest. 

Out came huge waves of water.  I’m talkin’ a white squall here. He was tossing and turning and flailing in the tub like a whale fish on a hook. I was soaked and at a total loss as to how to regain control.

We had to towel dry the poor little pirates. Sadly, they will never see the high seas again for their captain has decided they will be landlubbers. No pirate treasure adventures for anyone.

He cried and/or sobbed on and off for about 12 hours a  half hour, while trying to go to sleep. It was so frustrating to try to understand what it was that set him off and how to comfort him. And then the guilt of figuring that …whatever it was… I either caused it, or exacerbated it.

I was enough to make me want to walk the plank. Argh.



1. HeatherPride - December 29, 2008

Oh my goodness, poor little guy! And poor Mommy!

2. hope4mygirl - December 29, 2008

I second the above! Poor little guy!!!! I hate when they cry and we dont know the true reason for it. I also hate always feeling that guilt!

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