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Welcome to My New Year’s Eve Party! December 31, 2008

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, humor, Parenting, special needs.
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Happy New Year to my bloggy friends!

I knew you’d be here tonight. After all, where else would you be?

It’s a big party night for the rest of the world. You know the one I’m talking about. The one with snazzy suits and fancy dresses and snooty up-do’s, $125/per person tickets (plus $100 for the sitter) entitling you to dance to the Commodores “Celebration” in too tight pumps, eat an under-cooked, mass-produced, rubberized steak, and toast a room full of 472 strangers at midnight. Then navigate your drunken butt home without killing or being killed by the other inebriates. 

Well Cinderella, we didn’t get invited to this ball. We are the beautiful people who stay home in our rags cleaning. There’s laundry to clean. Poop to clean. Noses to clean. Or, if we’re too tired to clean, there’ something… or someone… else that needs our attention. There’s no fairy godmother coming to whisk us away to the life we dreamt we’d have.

But we’re home being great moms to kids who need us so much and who we never knew we could love so much.  And even with the challenges, I have to admit there’s no contest when I compare reading a book tonight with ‘C’ to the cheesy New Year’s Eve party I am missing. I’m sure you guys agree.

So, Happy New Year to my blog world friends/moms of special needs kids who are home tonight for all the right reasons.

And in your honor tonight, I will play Gloria Gaynor’s 80’s classic, I Will Survive , and do a dance for all of us. And I hope you will all do the same with one of your old favorites…and admit that you did! (And for those who miss my party tonight, I hope you share what song you would have danced to … along with your convincing explanation for blowing me off! LOL)

I wish you all peace, peace, peace…and some freakin sleep…in 2009!



1. tiredmama - January 1, 2009

Yeah. I’m SO at that party. My husband has been in bed for a couple of hours, the kids about an hour, and I just finished picking up all of the new favorite toys that were littering the walking paths in the house. I’ll take that freakin’ sleep if you’re passing it out. (Not entirely sure why I’m not in bed right now myself…) I love “I Will Survive” and will do my own dance tonight to “Shake, Shake, Shake (Your Booty)” – KC and the Sunshine Band. 🙂

2. hopeauthority - January 1, 2009

I TOTALLY LOVE THAT SONG (and Get Down Tonight)!!!! Happy New Year! And one of my first resolutions is to mail out your plate!!

3. hope4mygirl - January 3, 2009

I was there!!!! Did you see me??? I was wearing a silver gown w/ glimmering beads, had my hair and makeup done just for your event! My DD, “J”, was in a “mini me” gown, however, b/c of her sensory issues, she ripped every bead off of her gown prior to the ball dropping. My DH and DS wore tuxes! We had a BLAST!!! Thank you for having us and I cant wait til NEXT YEAR!!! Only this time “J” will NOT have beads on HER GOWN!!!!!

4. hopeauthority - January 3, 2009

Of course I saw you…you were stunning. Now, what was that song you were dancing to up on the table at around 2 am????

5. hope4mygirl - January 4, 2009

Thanks!!!! OMG….you caught me dancing on the table!!! I thought NOBODY was looking….that was YOUR song I was dancing to, “I WILL SURVIVE”……in honor of US because we have and WILL CONTINUE to survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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