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HBOT Update after 20 Dives January 4, 2009

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Health.
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Well, we finished the 20th hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment, or “dive”, last week.

That brings us to the half way point of the expected 40 dives…which our doctor tells us is the “standard” amount of dives most patients undergo. Give or take, of course. God forbid we ever get a definitive answer when it comes to the expected outcome of an autism treatment.

Before we begin the next set of 10 dives this week, I figured I’d post an update on how ‘C’ is doing with all of this diving.

I do see continued improvement, most especially in language. His verbals are exploding, though more often than not he is still using scripted language from TV or video he’s seen.

However, now he is also repeating phrases used in his classroom. That’s been an eye-opener. And tomorrow when he finally returns to school, I have no doubt that ‘C’ will clearly… and in perfect context… use a nifty phrase he picked up from me over this excrutiatingly long freakin vacation: “Son of a bitch…” 

Hey, at least he’s talking, right? And I know it’s wrong not to correct him, but it is just about the cutest, funniest thing to hear come out of his little mouth especially since he uses it in context. Little cutie will be in the other room quietly and diligently lining up some assembly of  85 little cars with the focus of a neurosurgeon when I’ll hear one of the toys fall over, followed by his exasperated “Son of a bitch…” All kids do this kind of thing when they’re little. It’s typical!  Besides, I promised myself years ago that when and if ‘C’ ever talked, I’d never, ever tell him to be quiet.

So, in addition to the non-stop talking, Mr. Gutter-Mouth is moving just a bit closer to conversation. By that, I mean that I can ask or say something to him once and he will often respond immediately and appropriately without me repeating or prompting. Or he will initiate the exchange. It’s not much more than a brief exchange yet, but it’s still great.

It’s hard to tell whether his challenging behavior lately is due to the HBOT, or yeast flare-up (doubtful), or just being bored to death with this long break from his routine (likely). He seemed to have some minor stomach bug over the break which has resolved itself to the satisfaction of this poop detective. He is very defiant and very OCD lately. And that drives me mad.  

‘C’ has a history of regressing in behavior whenever he is undergoing big gains in speech or some other area of brain development. It’s as if the part of the brain that controls behavior “dims” and lends its energy instead to the other part of the brain which is firing up some new skills. I’ve been told by others that they see this in their kids too. Then when things level out, ‘C’ retains his gains, and his behavior improves. Until the next time…

So it’s back in the tank on Tuesday. We’ll keep you updated as we go. Hope to get the next 10 dives in before the Superbowl. If we don’t go bankrupt by then, of course…



1. HeatherPride - January 5, 2009

Congratulations on the speech! Even if it’s not exactly the words you were waiting to hear! Kids teach all of us to watch our language, huh? My son picked up the F word after our (finished) basement flooded. That was a real treat, too.

2. hope4mygirl - January 5, 2009

I say…. “he’s talking!!!!!!! and THAT is fantastic, regardless of what he says!!!!!” CONGRATS!!!!!! It’s funny the words they pick up as they learn to talk!!! Mine picked up “holy crap” during the week and a half they were home from school. And, I am VERY PROUD to say she is using it VERY appropriately!!!! Guess I use that phrase a tad bit too much!!!! Lesson learned! I am so glad to hear you are having such a great experience with HBOT. I am hoping to do this treatment as soon as my daughter’s allergies diminish as well!!!!

3. Luz Arevalo - January 16, 2009

it sounds like you’re using a soft chamber (vitaraes?); any idea how much oxygen?
Keep it up! it looks like it is worth the effort-
Also, what probiotic did you choose?

hopeauthority - January 17, 2009

Hi Luz. It’s actually a hard chamber. 100% oxygen. Dive 22 was today. Thanks for the encouragement!

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