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New Autism Diet: GF/CF… and B/F? January 8, 2009

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People think I’m crazy. They do.

When I explain the diet that ‘C’ has been on for almost 4 years…the Specific Carbohydrate Diet…I always get that same slack-jawed, glazed-over look. It is because SCD is like GF/CF on steroids!

He has no gluten…in fact, the has NO GRAIN AT ALL. No dairy. No sugars…in fact, no sweetner of any kind except honey. No yeast, soy, corn, flavors, colors, dyes, preservatives, yada yada. Nothin. Surprisingly, he can have nuts and eggs. But he can’t tolerate legal SCD foods which are naturally high in phenols and salicylates either.  It’s a bitch. But it’s worth it.

But this post is not about that… Its about Delthia Ricks’ article on page A4 in Newsday yesterday.

Are you wondering what “BF” stands for?

It’s for Bug Free… BUG FREE! (Yes, I just said freakin BUG FREE!)

Would you believe that food manufacturers are allowed to use bug-based dyes in our food, drink, and cosmetics and merely label the dyes as “artificial color” or “color added”!  Better think twice before guzzling that ruby-colored grapefruit beverage you love for breakfast. Or feeding your kid some popular brands of yogurt.  Or even kissing your mother with that mouth.

Apparently, it will take another two years before the food industry will be required to disclose on its ingredients labels an extract made from the crushed wingless beetle-like creature known as a cochineal. Two more years.

Now, I consider myself to be a pretty damn savvy label reader. And my gut can withstand the most fiery, spicy food. But the thought that we have been allowed to consume pulverized bugs …and that we’ve unwittingly fed them to our potentially immune-challenged children…is enough to make me toss my tacos.

Really….Would anyone KNOWINGLY ingest bugs? I bet the people who make that stuff don’t eat their own products! And it has no nutritional value.  It just provides lovely shades of red, pink, orange and purple to your food and cosmetics.

But it gets worse. The Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA in July 1998 to create a new labeling rule regarding this bug use because some people had suffered severe…even life-threatening… allergic reactions after consuming or using products containing the bug-based dyes!

11 YEARS of potentially life-threatening allergic reactions… well, make it 13 by the time the new law takes effect. WTF?!

Some companies already list the dye, but not using words that would be a red-flag…or a Black Flag!… to the average label reader who doesn’t have a bug-ology degree. So here’s what you need to watch out for if you want to avoid consuming dead bugs:

  • carmine
  • cochineal
  • E-120

Is it any wonder that people are starting to consider that in some children there may be a link between autism and diet? Do we really need to color our food or our lips with crushed Peruvian beetles?

And most scarily, what other petitions about other dangers impacting our autistic kids are sitting around in the FDA…that we won’t learn about for another 11 years?

It makes my skin crawl.

Oh wait…it was just a Peruvian cochineal.



1. DOMINO - January 9, 2009


People all over the world eat insects. Many eat insects almost exclusively.

2. hopeauthority - January 9, 2009

True, but those folks are picking up the critters with their fingers and KNOWINGLY eating them…which could be a whole other post, I might add. And I bet no one comes to their house for dinner…

Sneaking bugs into the food of the civilized world just isn’t right. Our food is labeled. Tell us what’s in it and be upfront about it. If I wanted to eat bugs, I’d try out for “Survivor”.

People have been getting sick from this and may not even know the cause. Autistic children may be even more suseptible to reactions from the bug-based dye since many of our kids have other food allergies and sensitivities.

I don’t really mean to condemn the bug-eaters for their choice. (Hey, that leaves more “real” food for the rest of the world.) It’s just that I think everyone should have the right to make an INFORMED choice about what goes in their mouth.

3. hope4mygirl - January 9, 2009

OMG….this is no “Survivor”!!!!! I certainly dont want to eat bugs, nonetheless give them to my children to eat!!!! Food needs to be labelled much more properly now. Especially since there are TONS of autistic children who are so sensitive to certain foods/ingredients in the foods that is causing their autistic tendencies to come out even more…..UGHHHHHHHH

4. abunslife - January 9, 2009

I am totally grossed out…..I think “thanks” for sharing?

5. hope4mygirl - January 9, 2009

^^LOLOLOL^^ I AGREE w/ what the above blogger said……totally!!!!

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