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A 12 Word Sentence…and no curses. January 11, 2009

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, special needs.
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‘C’: “Hey Mom, can I have a big piece of that bread, please?”

Me (mouth agape, then recovering enough to leap from my chair, scoop him up and run toward his coveted loaf): “That was great asking honey! You can have the whole loaf if you want!”

Then, six big slices later, and as soon as I sat back down… He says: “Hey Mom, I’d love some big drink of cold juice. Please Mom.” So, I again leapt into action. Which incidentally, pretty much wraps up my aerobics for the day…

Since November, we’ve gone from an average of 2 or 3 words to convey a thought…to about 7 words in December…to 12 words today.

Of course, I want to believe its the excessively expensive HBOT that is responsible for this transformation. And I am aware that today’s lengthy utterances could just be a fluke. But it is  progress.

Undeniable progress.

It’s not like I am in the habit of counting his words. It’s just that it really is noticeable when the length of a typical sentence jumps like that… so noticeable that you actually stop in your tracks while your brain replays the sentence and counts off the number of words used… as if in some kind of word-check mode. 

This has been a long time coming. In the early years, one of my biggest worries was that he’d never speak. His therapist was always careful not to promise me anything in that regard, despite my repeated attempts at reassurance. It drove me crazy back then, but one day…about two years into his speech therapy…she told me she was comfortable in saying that he would speak. That it was a delay. A long one, but a delay nonetheless. And she was right. (Thanks Kathy!)

So to all those parents still waiting for words…or waiting for sounds..or waiting for echolalia to be replaced by regular speech, I want you to know that in many cases, it will eventually happen. It seems like it never will come when the therapists are working so hard just to get the letter sounds “A is Ah. B is Buh…” But they really need to establish those building blocks first.  And it’s hard to keep the faith as the years keep rolling by. And it’s hard to keep waiting for that first spontaneous “I love you.”

I promised myself in the early days …when all those parents of typical children would try to cheer me up by saying I’d be telling him to “be quiet” soon…that I’d never tell him to “Be quiet”. And I won’t…

Not even when he curses…

But I do hope he doesn’t start stringing those phrases together like some kind of George Carlin routine…



1. HeatherPride - January 12, 2009

Oh, that would really be something, wouldn’t it? If he went from no words to a full out George Carlin spot? But congrats on the word explosion! That is so exciting!!!

2. abunslife - January 12, 2009

That is wonderful….I love how casual and descriptive he was too! “hey mom” and “big” piece of bread. It’s in there….it’s just got to find a way out!!

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