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Introducing My Son, “Fabio” January 14, 2009

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Children.
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Okay. I ‘ve been wrestling with the whole “what do I refer to my son as” dilemma from the time I started this blog. I know that many bloggers post photos and use real names of their kids. I so want to be that open, but I’m just not quite comfortable enough with the idea.  Some make up names and others just use initials, like I’ve been using “C”. 

Maybe it’s my background as a lawyer. Maybe it’s my cynical nature as a New Yorker. I’m just very protective when it comes to my kids and I worry about the weirdos in the world. And, truth be told, my techno-challenged self couldn’t figure out how to upload photos if my life depended on it anyway…

But every time I refer to my boy as ‘C’, it bothers me. I mean, my kid has a name. So I’ve decided to use one of the nicknames we have for him. There’s “Little Man”, but a fellow blogger uses that and I kinda see her boy as little man now. “Monkey Boy” was an option… for the reasons I’m sure it’s a popular choice among autistic families. And his fondness for sunglasses has earned him the title of “Hollywood” around here.

But the one nickname that stands out most is the one I’m going to go with here…Fabio.

My little man is gorgeous. Really.  Being so cute … and using that to  his advantage (which he has already learned to do) will serve him well in life. He has always had long beautiful hair and strangely, he is aware of his hair and when he’s due for styling by “Haircut John”. He is a flirt since birth.  And…he loves to look at himself in the mirror. Or the doorknob. Or anything that gives a reflection. He is almost obsessed with himself and his looks.  It’ll be obnoxious when he’s 16, but it’s cute as hell at 6.

I’d love to hear what nicknames you’ve given to your little ones and the stories behind them, if any.



1. Good Fountain - January 15, 2009

I don’t see how you can tell us that your son is “gorgeous. really.” and then not give us proof. Cruel, I tell you. But I do understand your paranoia. I try to give as little personal details as possible.

Neither my husband or I are nicknamey kind of people. I think all of your nicknames are adorable though.

2. hopeauthority - January 15, 2009

Ha Ha! Yes, I now see the cruelty of what I’ve done. I’ve set that curiosity thing in motion. Is he really beautiful? Or am I simply justifying my hiding him away from the eyes of the world, down in the basement with his matted hair… drool suspended on his crooked, hangin lip…

Actually, he is so cute that I swear there must have been a lab error when he was conceived!

As I get to know my newly-found friends (aka the “regulars” around here) … and as I get an education as to how pictures get from the digital camera into the computer…I will share Fabio’s face.

By email…but its a start, right?

3. Karen - January 15, 2009

Well, I’m a “regular” and I have seen Fabio. And, yeah, he does have great hair and is really cute but that doesn’t really describe what I see when I picture him. He has the most incredible eyes — they absolutely sparkle with life and joy! And why shouldn’t they? When he looks out at the world, what he most often sees is a mom and dad and big sister who adore him and appreciate him for the unique and wonderful little guy that he is. Sure, he’s got his own special challenges — but what a team he has behind him!

hopeauthority - January 16, 2009

Thanks Karen. I needed that today!

4. abunslife - January 15, 2009

bunny of course, buddy, punkin, when he was little buhdda boy. 🙂

5. pixiemama - January 16, 2009

Truly unfair to tell but not show.

I use my kids names and pics openly, because I figure we have more stranger danger outside of our home than we do online at this point (particularly because my kids have no online access). I mean, the Target pharmacist knows my kids’ names, insurance ids AND what they look like.

But… I can see where I have backed myself into something of a corner with my blog, because I like to talk openly about the school, teachers, the local agencies and other people who would easily identify themselves if they ever find my blog. Which I hope they don’t. Please. Amen.

Oh, oh, and for nicknames? Foster started with “lobster” ( a bad alliteration), deemed himself “Fa-Fa,” which later morphy to “Fa-Fee,” which sure sounds like “Floppy” to me and he is… so he gets lots of nicknames. For a kid who is very literal, he seems to take the prize for the most nicknames in our family.

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