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Hey Howdy Hey! HBOT Update: 30 Dives February 5, 2009

Posted by hopeauthority in Autism, Health, special needs.
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30 down… 10 to go. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) is moving along.

It’s all a blur when you look at each dive on its own merits. The repetition is both comfortingly familiar and excrutiatingly boring. The same days and times each week. The same road taken. The same CDs in the car. The same DVDs in the tank. The same tech and secretary. The same scrubs worn. The only variable is whether we’ll be in the right tank or the left one.

It’s easy then to fail to see the changes that are happening. It’s like when someone who hasn’t seen your kid in a long time sees him and exclaims “Look how tall he’s gotten!” Since you see him each day, you tend not to notice the growth. Well, HBOT’s like that.

I’m no longer counting the length of his utterances. I just notice that he is more talkative in general. More verbal. More words strung together. New words in the vocabulary. Still some scripted speech, though used appropriately in real life situations. And some plain normal speech, too. And yes, an occasional profanity…also in context. Not quite conversational yet, but getting closer, with minor back-and-forth exchanges.

The big thing to come of this last group of ten dives would be his teacher’s decision to begin mainstreaming him a bit in school. This is due to Fabio being much less anxious and much more cooperative (less tantruming) at school. The teacher said everyone notices this change in Fabio, including the principal. It’s good to hear that, especially since I think his teacher is resistant to acknowledging that non-educational efforts are effective.

He has been a bit more difficult during the treatments the past 3 times. Gives me a hard time getting in the tank and pushes my buttons when we’re in it too. It’s unfair of me to expect him to be perfect just because he has been for the first 27 dives. Yet it’s hard when he’s not perfect.

Oh, perhaps the coolest thing that happened during the last 10 dives was Fabio giving up those freakin Dora DVDs! Yes, Dance to the Rescue and World Adventure have happily been retired after 8 and 19 viewings, respectively. Any health benefits I may have received from being in the tank with Fabio were surely undone by the extreme stress of having to listen to hours and hours of Swiper. no. freakin. swiping.

We’ve moved on to a slightly more age-appropriate level of entertainment… Disney movies. Specifically, Toy Story. Sure, I bribed him with his latest obsession…Kooky pens…to get him to watch it the first time. But since then, he’s never looked back.

So who knows how much farther HBOT may take him in the dives to come?  We will just continue or journey in to the unknown…

To infinity and beyond.



1. abunslife - February 6, 2009

I’m so glad that this treatment is almost done….and that it has helped in ways that others can see.

I had to laugh at the Dora, because as I am reading this, Dora is on at our house….Do you see Swiper? Where? You have to say Swiper no swiping! 🙂

2. Hbot - February 22, 2009

Another life changed!

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