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American Idol and Autism March 5, 2009

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Dun-na. Dun-na. Dun-na. Dun-na. “THIS (long pause) is American Idol…”

All it takes is a few notes of the intro song to send Fabio running, hair in the wind, for the big screen in the den. He starts asking for American Idol about an hour before it’s due to start. It is a great blackmail tool reinforcer to use to get him to do any outstanding homework or finish eating (yes, we eat kinda late)!

Idol has been a tradition in our house since Season 4. We never miss it, even if we have to DVR it on occasion. And we all participate in a “pool”, so we each have to decide who to vote off each week. I always take my daughter to the concert when they tour in the summer.

One of those funny moments you’ll always remember happened a couple seasons ago when the four of us were watching Idol. It had just ended and hubby, daughter, and I immediately started speculating and debating about who we thought should be voted off, with us not able to agree. Fabio was just sitting there with us, being his regular cute, essentially non-verbal, four-year-old self. It was down to maybe the last 4 people at that point. 

Once we stopped debating and there was a lull in the discussion, Fabio simply, and clearly, stated: “Lakisha”. Freakin Lakisha. We all burst out laughing. Great times…

So now, when the Idol music begins, Fabio has started doing something that is both adorable and excrutiating at the same time…he runs to his drum set and starts to “play”. And Mr. Music also occasionally “accompanies” some of the more rock-style performances with his unique drumming talent. Or he’ll try to sing along a bit. Or he’ll dance.

So watch for Fabio to be in American Idol, Season 18. He’s got 10 years to perfect his gig. Oh, and he’ll be no wild card.

Nope, America will vote him in, for sure.



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