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Happy 7th Birthday Fabio March 22, 2009

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Well, I can’t think of a better reason not to make this…my 100th post…a post all about me, than to instead salute my little guy on his latest milestone. 

Has it been 7 years already since my water broke right in the middle of Home Depot, only 27 minutes after I’d been released from bedrest, and flooding the entire lighting department?

Anyways…I’ve been absent due to my lingering on what surely felt like the brink of death for a few weeks. Nasty sinus infection that I ignored for two weeks, then a very bad reaction to antibiotic #1 …as in holy shit, I think I have the rare but serious tendon damage that the label warns of as I can not walk on my feet…a cough that will simply not stop, an unrelenting headache that made me want to freakin drive off a cliff. Well, you get the idea…

But I put off the doctor since I wanted to get through Fabio’s party. He opted for the bowling party again and a good time was had by all, most of the kids being friends from school. He got great gifts from folks who “get” that sometimes you have to buy below the recommended age if you want to give something “age-appropriate” to an autistic kid.  After hacking my way through the party, I crashed the rest of the day and I realize that I simply must take better care of myself if I want to be around to take care of everyone else.

After the bad reaction to the first drug, and the headache which… if I didn’t know I had a sinus infection I would have thought was surely a stroke brewing… I even went to Fabio’s DAN doctor (a chiropractor) for help on Thursday.

He took one look at me …there without Fabio..and knew it was serious. So, out comes his arsenal of holistic remedies. First, a lovely massage of the face, head, chest and neck with lavender oil. There I was, on my back, all relaxed. His strong, warm, oily hands massaging my shoulders and neck and then…

In one fast and fierce unexpected moment, he twisted my head like they do in the Rambo and Bruce Lee movies. You know what I mean. You hear the crunching bones as someone’s chin is twisted way beyond their shoulder and their neck breaks..and they slide like a mass of jelly to the floor…dead.

Like a wienie, I screamed. A scream to be heard in the waiting room (if not the parking lot). I could not believe that I was not…at a minimum…rendered a quadriplegic by that maneuver. I also could not believe that my headache was gone. After 4 straight days. Gone. Just like that.

Then I remembered why I love this man. Even if he did send me home to drink a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and put peroxide in my ears 3x/day. Kinda hokey. And gross.

I’ll eventually get around to doing that traditional 100th post. But I wanted to wish Fabio a year full of fun and growth and peace. And I wanted to remind all of you to take care of yourselves so you’ll be around to enjoy many more of your special kids’ birthdays too.



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