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Autism: One step forward, two steps back February 25, 2010

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What was that saying from science class?

Something like “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Well, I think there’s some real truth in that…especially when applying it to kids with Autism.

Take my kid, for instance.

Every time he has a big break-through in language development, it’s accompanied by an equally big setback in behavior. Seriously, every time one positive gain is noticeable, so is the accompanying glaring setback.

Do you notice that in your kids?

It’s almost like the section of the brain that gets fired up and starts cranking out new language suddenly sucks up all of the brain’s total energy supply so that it can fuel the language burst. Like it steals the energy from the other parts, leaving the part of the brain that’s responsible for behavior depleted and gasping for air.

Leaving me with a little monster… who. won’t. stop. talking.

I’m not complaining about the talking. After all, I repeatedly promised … in countless late night secret bargains with God… that I’d never complain about how much Fabio talked or anything that might someday come out of his mouth  if God would just let him become verbal.  And I am so thankful.

But the frustration over dealing with behaviors resurfacing after you thought they were gone for good can be overwhelming. Why does nearly every milestone have to come with a price tag? Isn’t there ever a win-win?

So, with little choice in the matter, we wait it out. We wait for the balance in the brain to be restored and the energy to flow evenly. We wait for the language to take root and the behaviors to level off.

For we know that when this little maniac transforms back into his more manageable self, he will be one more step further along in his journey from a simple exchange to a conversation.



1. Mandi - February 26, 2010

Oh wow! You are speaking the story of our lives. I have uttered (and still utter) those very same words. “Matthew has a huge spike in language! So why am I stressed? Because his behavior has regressed by the same amount!”

Since he was 4, Matt would spike in language about every 3-4 months and like clockework, the behavior became worse. I always thought it was coinsedence untill the 3rd cylce of language progression came about. One of his therapist at Early Intervention told me that she sees it ALL the time! Its like somethings gotta give. To this day (Matt is now 7 1/2 he is like that! Right now the language is so much better and the behavior so much worse, that we had to tap into our resources and qualify for state paid respite care. This isn’t income based either. Because of our financial situation, we never qualify for the state to pay for anything . But since we are officially in crisis mode, they did. Its tough and I have prayed for the language to improve as well. Now I am praying for behavior to improve.

But hang in there, you are not alone.

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